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About Me (he, him, his)

Fundamentally, the work of psychotherapy spoke to me because I wanted to engage with people in a healing process that is compassionate and human but grounded in the science and rigor of Clinical Psychology. Psychology was also a means to meeting  another aspiration to serve the mental health needs of all members of LGBTQ+ communities. I've been able to pursue both of these priorities in my work beginning with my training in LGBT community mental health and later working with diverse student bodies in university counseling centers around the country. I used these experiences to train and teach future psychologists as Clinical Psychology Training Coordinator at Illinois Tech's Health Center and then as Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Training in the doctoral psychology program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, IL. I've been practicing independently full time since 2017. 



I'm also committed to service in the field of Psychology. I've served in many roles in governing psychology bodies that advocate for diverse and inclusive education, training, oversight, and governance in the field. I'm currently President of the Illinois Psychological Association which has lobbied for required education on diversity for IL Psychologists, expanding health insurance coverage, and advocates for patients and providers to receive fair treatment by law.  View my CV

My Approach

We’re hard-wired with needs to grow, enjoy ourselves, and find what is new and inspiring while also maintaining connection to others and protecting ourselves from pain. Accomplishing this is an exceptionally complex task. If we're successful, we find ways to satisfy the demands from within and from outside with some degree of harmony between our needs and our environment. One way we know this is happening is if intrinsically seek out new experiences and connections with a sense of pleasure and optimism.

But when things aren’t working for us, we can find ourselves tangled in a knot of painful feelings and the demands of the world around that make us sad, scared, or dissatisfied. This can naturally lead us to withdraw inward leaving us sidelined and stuck. This can be the result of the circumstances we grew up in or recent events in our families, work lives, and the world around us.

This is often when people turn to psychotherapy for help because it gives you a place to focus productively on your problems with a highly trained professional whose only design for you is your well-being and actualization. In therapy, we’ll work on your most pressing problems and needs through support and self-advocacy. We’ll also prioritize developing insight and skills that will help you solve problems on your own for the rest of your life. We’ll use goals that resonate most with your values as our framework for this work. Ideally, at the end you’ll feel that your life and your feelings matter and you’ll connect with the world in new and expansive ways.

If what you’re reading resonates, consider scheduling a brief phone consultation to discuss your concerns and what you’re looking for in a therapist. This initial conversation can give you a sense of my style, what it's like to speak candidly with me, and to connect about your concerns. In addition to the specialties listed below, I provide treatment to all members of the LGBTQ+ communities and all of the issues they face in striving for pride, healthy relationships, and fulfillment while navigating the world. 

Practice Focus Areas

• LGBTQ+ concerns
• Intersectionality & Intersecting Identities
• Children of narcissists
• Relationship concerns
• Anxiety
• Depression

• Purpose and Fulfillment

• Work and Career Concerns

Education and Training

• Doctor of Psychology (PsyD):
  Illinois School of Professional
• Externship: Howard Brown
  Health Center//2007 

• Internship: University of Illinois
  Counseling Center//2009
• Fellowship: Princeton University
  Health Services//2010

• Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis,

  Postdoctoral Certificate in       

  Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy//2012

Licenses and Certifications

• Licensed Clinical Psychologist,
   State of Illinois
• Authority to Practice
   Interjurisdictional Psychology
   in 39 participating states
• National Register of Health Service
   Providers in Psychology

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